For 10+years, I have been enjoying the pleasure of female company, as much as I have been enjoying male company. I am completely comfortable with my bisexuality and very open about it.

In my mid 20’s, I began experimenting with couples, and loved it. I loved the liberation it gave me by feeling uninhibited and completely free to explore and enjoy the pleasure of both sexes, intimately together.

Over the last few years as a professional mature escort, I have joined many experimenting couples eager to explore intimacy with another female present for the first time. For them, it is a highly sexual fantasy of the female partner being able to explore intimacy, to be touched, and to touch another female, with her partner watching, and joining. As erotic as it is for the men, it really is all about the female.

Many ladies experimenting feel inadequate for lack of experience, or because of the age factor, and I understand that. Once I hit my mid 30’s, I understood the fear of being confronted with a sexy young thing that possibly take all the attention, so my swinging lifestyle changed direction, and focused on couples in their mid 30’s and older.

Intimacy with another female is sensual beyond belief when it is shared openly. Experience is crucial. From the many new couples I have met, I couldn’t imagine a perfect scenario falling into place if an inexperienced lady walked in the room. To be able to relax and calm the most nervous and shy, is as important as knowing when to take the lead, and when to not.

Intimacy between 2 females, so fulfilling and highly erotic. I have created many beautiful memories with beautiful females all over the world, and I truly am grateful to be so liberated and capable to be able to create erotic memories and experiences for ladies ad couples just like you, to hold as their own.

If you are a Single Female, there are many fabulous events and getaways that I would love to explore with you. Don’t feel silly suggesting a weekend at Hedonism, a gay or lesbian parade, or a dance party. We could always indulge in a spa weekend for 2, or a romantic night in by candlelight. I would be more than happy to be out and proud in public as your partner, so please don’t be shy.

Quick stats:

I am a genuine lady in my 30’s (ok, closer to 40), with a feminine full figure. A soft 38dd cup breast, smooth hairless skin with sexy curves in all the right places. I am tall, 175cm and a size 10 dress. Shoe size 38, and yes, I do like to wear heels unless otherwise requested.

I am healthy and fit without being a crazy exercise freak. I am a non smoker, and a social drinker and completely drug free – I don’t offer (or indulge) in ‘party bookings’.

Presentation wise. I am stylishly conservative. I love to dress elegantly, but modestly. I am not a stiletto and mini skirt kind of girl. You can rest assured, on a social encounter, I will dress the part, and we will look amazing together without prying eyes wondering what is going on. For functions and events, I have an incredible wardrobe of glamour.

If I was to describe myself in the lesbian world, I would call myself a femme or perhaps lipstick. I am far from androgynous or butch, but I am more than happy to join you if you fall into that description, or take on the more masculine and dominant role.

I have a selection of ‘toys’ to please and accommodate your desires. I don’t usually carry sex toys in my handbag, but will do so on request, so please don’t be shy to ask if I don’t suggest it in a conversation to you prior to my arrival.

I look forward to meeting you,

Renee xx