Couples and Sexual Health


Sexual health is a touchy subject at the best of times, especially when it becomes a topic of conversation between couples.

Natural intimacy between couples, married or long-term, is assumed normal practises. Boundaries are dropped and the use of condoms diminishes once that trust is established in a monogamous relationship. In a long-term relationship, safe sex practices are a personal choice, and that is your choice to explore and enjoy each other, openly and naturally.

In a threesome (or foursome) scenario, whether with a professional lady, a lady you have known for some time, a neighbour, or perhaps someone you have recently met on a dating site, a degree of caution should be practised. Respecting yourself first, is as important as respecting your partner(s).

Not everyone you meet has a squeaky clean past. Dating sites, and sexual liberation has opened doors to many a new adventure. Couples sharing couples, swingers parties, threesomes, or just random one night hook ups all play a part in ‘Russian Roulette’. Open relationships seem to be the new trend. Dating sites such as Tinder, Red Hot Pie and or Adult Match Maker have blown monogamous out the window, and opened a can of worms ‘literally‘.

Anal sex has become a common request, and is more common among the ‘non professionals’ than it is by the professionals.. I could go on and on about the exchange of bacteria from the anal canal entering the vaginal canal and the complications that can have.. but I won’t (now).

Each to their own, I guess, but for me, especially as a professional lady, whilst exploring intimate times with couples, I like to be aware of how I protect myself from the possibility (yes, often rare) but still the possibility all the same of being gifted with an STD that I didn’t sign up for. For me, an STD is loss of income, and self respect.

If you are a sexually active couple, or perhaps a single guy, or lady, surfing the dating sites looking to join couples, or a single femalepractise safe sex, as it matters every single time.

There are many things you can do to avoid the exchange of body fluids. There are condoms of all shapes and sizes, dental dams, gels, explore toys or sexy role play. Be creative in the bedroom, and you will soon see how easy it really is to avoid fluid exchange, and with practise, you will learn how sexy condom use can be.

Be aware when you are exchanging body fluids, or if you or your partner(s) have an open sore, a mouth ulcer, even bleeding gums whilst being with a partner who is a carrier of any disease increases your chances of contracting an STD, and many are symptom free with serious long term affects and many are ‘for life’..

The most common are:

Gonorrhea .. symptoms in both men and women are virtually not present at all. This is transmitted via oral, anal and body fluids. Probably one of the most common STD infections with extreme long term risks.

Syphilis .. another common, yet destructive disease spread by oral, anal and body fluids.

Chlamydia .. most people with chlamydia are asymptomatic and do not seek testing. It is symptom free in both men and women.

Herpes .. is a really common STD that most people are not aware they have unless sores are present, and these can be mistaken for something as small as a shaving nick. There are 2 types HSV-1 & HSV-2. Both diseases are contagious BEFORE the sores are present. Both HSV-1 & HSV-2 are transmitted orally and sexually.

And of course HIV .. the disease that carries a death penalty, and is assumed to be common among gay males and prostitutes – WRONG! It is becoming more common among heterosexual couples that have been exposed to the virus, knowingly or unknowingly.

Be smart and don’t just judge a partner by their appearance. Being healthy and fit, or beautiful and well spoken doesn’t indicate ‘disease free’. As I have shown you, there are many diseases that are symptom free, and many that are ‘for life’.

Next time you look at your partner, consider them, consider yourself. Ask your self,  ‘Is this hour of pleasure worth it?‘ …….I am pretty sure you already know the answer.

I am not trying to scare you off being creative in the bedroom, and exploring different avenues and kinks to enlighten your sexual pleasures – I am up for all pleasures, but I also like to enjoy them as safely as possible.

Being a professional working lady, I am not embarrassed or ashamed to reach over and grab a condom and use a lubricant. I actively practise extreme caution with the exchange of body fluids, often to the point of my cautious skill being unnoticed.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a nun. In the past, I have shared intimacy, trusting the word of a long-term partner, thus played a part in the deathly game of ‘Russian Roulette’, but its not a practise I take lightly.

Practising safe sex should be a ‘no brainer’. If you have never had a check up, don’t be shy. There are many clinics in every city available to ‘hold your hand’ if you feel to shy to go to your own GP.. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and condoms – treat yourself into a visit to the local sex shop. There are so many types to choose from.

Seriously: Condoms are the sexiest thing you can take to bed.

Rene Joile xx



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