Create The Perfect Threesome

From my experience, I would estimate at least 80% of females have fantasized about a bisexual encounter with another woman, and 60% fantasize about experiencing a erotic threesome with their partner or lover.

For those that have explored beyond the fantasy, know too well how sensual, and erotic it is to feel the tender touch of a woman’s body against their own. The sensuality of sharing soft lips, and exploring another woman’s intimate parts. Being able to share and explore the softness of another woman’s body with (or without) a male partner is a very sensual and erotic experience between adults enhancing their sex life.

Couples that choose to explore dating sites, often are left with the bad taste of another woman lingering. That’s where a professional lady can be the answer, without the fear of another woman intruding upon a relationship. She comes, and she leaves, and there is no risk of late night calls, or lingering love affairs between one or the other.

It is really important to ask questions when selecting a lady to share a most intimate moment with you and your partner. Ask her if she is experienced? Ask what her personal boundaries. Does she understand your expectations? Is she confident enough to take the lead? Can she read signals from your female partner who may feel nervous, or shy, or uncomfortable with another woman touching her man? Is she within your preferred age group? Will she speak to your partner, openly on the phone prior to meeting.

Don’t be shy to ask intimate questions. Is she comfortable touching and sharing intimacy with another female completely? Does she kiss, deeply? Would she enjoy toys, movies, wear lingerie? Is she comfortable with public displays of affection should that be required? Will she confidently undress your partners fantasy without taking over, or disregarding your partners feeling, needs and personal boundaries?

Today every second escort states ‘couples’ and ‘genuine bi’ but do they all really know what ‘genuine bisexual’ really is, or really know how to relax and enjoy the magic of an erotic and sensual threesome?

Experience doesn’t just happen. I’m yet to meet another ‘experienced’ escort who is really experienced with couples, or even really experimented with her own bisexuality fully to be able to claim ‘genuine bisexual’ for couples. 

Couples encounters go beyond ‘just a job’, actually no intimate encounter should ever be ‘just a job’. A couples encounters is not ‘a service’, it is an experience.

What, as ‘professionals’, we (should) create, is a genuine experience that must be felt by all to for fill the fantasy of an erotic threesome, an encounter that is fantasized over between the couple before committing to share their most intimate secrets with another lady.

Exploring bisexuality is completely different to sharing intimacy with a man. I believe every woman should experience at least one bisexual encounter in a lifetime, and not be shy to explore beyond the boundaries of heterosexual intimacy.

Rene Joile xxx

About Me:

I had my first ‘lesbian’ experience in my early teens (at a good Melbourne girls school actually), and from there I have shared and enjoyed a very open bisexual lifestyle in my private life, as well as my professional life. My threesomes have turned into foursomes (2 couples) and back again, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed a very long and satisfying bisexual lifestyle.

Throughout my years as a professional lady, I have shared many incredible encounters with inexperienced, and experienced couples in Australia, and across the world. I am more than happy to answer your questions at any stage if you are interested in exploring an erotic threesome, and even more happy to recommend a professional genuine bisexual lady to join you and your partner in any city or country. 

Rene x 

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